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We gain strength and wisdom from centuries of Knowledge held within its roots

CCT Level I: Awakening to Your Energetic Self 

Teaches you how to manage your daily activities, focus better in groups, protection from environmental or electromagnetic disturbances, or manage chronic illnesses. It helps you to feel like you belong or fit in.  This class teaches a very simple protocol, which can protect you from energies or situations that are not yours, using high vibrational Intentions…AND it can assist you while working in groups that hold a lot of trauma or groups that function on very stressful levels. (Taught On-line or in person).

CCT™ Professional Level 2: Divine Map of Transformation  (20-hour Class)

** (CCT Level 1 is a prerequisite for this class)

This class introduces and teaches you the foundational technique of Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT). You learn different ways to use the protocol, including; using it for yourself, as the container for any other healing modality you already know, working on others using a table or chair, as well as a distance format and a format for working on and with groups.  This class is appropriate for those that are new to energy as well as advanced practitioners of the healing arts. It teaches you the art of Transformational Coaching or Healing…your healing choices are endless

Do you want to:

  • Tap into your deepest potential?
  • Accelerate Healing, Transforming, and Manifesting within your life?
  • Create a more harmonious atmosphere at home, work or socially?
  • Create better results and connection with their co-workers?

During the class you’ll learn and experience:

  • 9+ healing sessions and learn how to create highly functioning groups
  • Kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Understanding and working with clear Intention

The cost of combining Levels 1 and 2, is $750 or $75/month

   Email Me or Pre-Pay Here

Already taken the class and want to audit it? You will learn new transformational coaching techniques and receive supplemental handouts for your existing manual. Cost is – $175.00

 Continuing Education Credit Available – Please inquire.

When you take a class you discover a different ways of healing? So whether you are searching for a way to transform and experience healing for yourself or you want to experience yourself in a whole new way, by tapping into your own inner knowing and your own natural ability to heal yourself, CCT is an incredibly transformative tool for every day use.

Together, we cab guide you to a happier, healthier YOU. Please look through this site, the ART of Energy Transformation, and learn about my personal passion: Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT™).

If you are ready to experience a whole new way of healing and manifesting, please email me ( or give me a call (303.619.9535).  I Am ready WHEN YOU ARE!!!  You may be participating in traditional forms of healing and therapies, and CCT will only help to lessen the struggle by eliminate the contracts we have with old patterns, pain, injuries and trauma.

I would be happy to schedule a free mini session so you can experience for yourself the power that is CCT. Or go to the ART of Energy Transformation, LLC on Facebook and read the testimonials.  Once you have experienced the healing power of CCT and my innate ability as a Transformative Coach, you will want to learn more, experience more and maybe even…sign-up for classes!!!!

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Divine Love is the most powerful healing energy. When you use Divine Love, your body stays fully charged.  Dr. Christian Northrup
Read about the benefits of CCT from one happy client and experience her transformation first hand by reading ART of Energy Transformation - Modern Day MS

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