About Me

About Christine

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and hold a BA from Michigan State University in pre-law, worked for the 2nd Judicial District for 28-years assisting victims of violent crimes and addiction.While working for the DA, I re-discovered my gift for healing, first as a Registered Karuna Reiki Master and, since 2004, as a Practitioner and now Master Teacher in the healing and transformative protocol of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT™).

In 2017, I continued my journey of healing studying other forms of energy healing: Chi Gong, Tai Chi, mediation and belly button healing, which all work in unison with CCT to support an individual and their groups through healing and transformation. Because what we need to heal, heals, then transform to offer perfect, permanent healing and manifesting. Our healing supports the healing of those around us and the planet.



CCT has evolved to offering classes to those of us as we grow and align to the changing crystalline system of the earth, but also for many different specialties: continuing education credits for Yoga Instructors and Massage Therapist; protocols for Creative projects for writers, artists, musicians and parents with very busy schedules.



Colorado taught me many lessons

Colorado taught me many lessons

Although I was exposed to the fabulous energy of the Diamond J Ranch and Retreat Center in Ennis, Colorado, it was not until 2012 when I was actually introduced to the herd.  At that time I met Colorado, who was about 27 years old and an incredible teacher. Colorado taught me about communicating with horses and introduced me to others in his heard.  We lost Colorado on February 1, 2015, but he remains a teacher and a guide.

Communicating with the herd

Communicating with the herd, GW and Bobbi

Since 2014, a new protocol has been introduced in working with our animal families and our human families.  Today, you too can learn to communicate with your herd, whether they are cats, dogs, birds or horses through the Crystalline Animal Family class.

Labyrinth on the Diamond J

Walking the Labyrinth on the Diamond J

Rainbow over the Diamond J

Rainbow over the Diamond J

If you are looking for Personal Healing/Transformation/Life Coaching/Direction for your Business…ART of Energy Transformation and Crystalline Consciousness Technique is the answer. I have listed a host of services, with offices in Arvada/Denver/Lakewood, Colorado, on the phone/Skype or Soul Charts. Whatever your needs, Together we can Find an Answer

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