Arising to Crystalline Consciousness/Level 3

CCT Level 3

When: 6:30 MDT
Where: Online, Anywhere,
Teacher: Christine Agosta
Price: $600

“Arising to Crystalline Consciousness” is  to embody Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ and Grow your Purpose in life. You will learn Advanced CCT™ Protocol. You will learn how to create very powerful intentions. You will learn how to receive intuitive information from CCT™ Soul charts and transfer that into your every day life. You will also learn how to apply the CCT transformative healing protocol to the Group Circle Chart, the Infinity Chart, the Seed of Life Chart, the Fruit of Life Chart and the Tree of Life Chart.  Each chart holds an infinite amount of healing potential, and when worked with, can result in extraordinary shifts in your life or those you are working with.

You will understand CCT as such a deep and powerful level, and learn how to support yourself and your clients through powerful growth and transformation.

April/May Class

  • April 9, 16, 23 (2 week break), May 7, 14, 21