2019 Classes

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Are you in the helping profession, or are you a business owner, or a parent looking for ways to protect your children, or are you a writer? Whatever your profession or need, I can teach you ways to protect and manifest out into the world in a whole new way. Check out my classes below.

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CCT Personal Levels 1 & 2

Transformative Self-Healing

This class is a joyful and fun process of “remembering.”

Working with your energy self you can heighten healing, manifest and create more powerfully, access your highest potential, grow and learn. This is why we are here on this planet now.

In Personal Level 1 & 2 you will be introduced to Crystalline Consciousness Technique, a form of energy healing that will provide you with an easy protocol for you individually.  You will learn about five sacred geometric healing chambers, muscle testing, Intentions for healing and how to transform.  In other words, you will learn how to heal yourself!

Are you ready to transform your life and become a better you? When you become better the world becomes a better place, you will heal and transform into a happier you. Follow this link for a schedule of 2019 classes.

  • Learn how to work with and through your crystalline energy system.
  • Set up Crystalline Energy Fields for yourself and groups.
  • Muscle testing.
  • Compose clear intentions.
  • Practice an easy-to-use and extremely powerful transformative (permanent healing) technique.
  • Be supported as you move through life.
  • Connect to the New Energies on the planet.
  • Move through life with Ease, Grace and Joy.

CCT Professional Levels 1 & 2

Transformational Healing and the CCT Practitioner

Before you can begin, you will need to have had Transformational Healing Levels 1 & 2. Learn to spread the love, joy, and grace to other. Follow the link for a schedule of 2019 classes.

  • Introduction to becoming Practitioner
  • Conscious Intent/Empowered Clients
  • Setting Up Fields for others
  • Transformative Healing for Others
  • Distance Transformative Healing
  • Transformative Healing with other Modalities
  • Working on Groups
  • Professional Agreement

CCT Level 3

Arising to Crystalline Consciousness

“Arising to Crystalline Consciousness” is an amazingly powerful class that allows for the embodiment of CCT. Learn Advanced CCT Protocol, Intentions and how to receive Intuitive Information from CCT Soul. Charts.

You will learn how to apply the CCT transformative healing protocol to four additional soul charts: Infinity Chart, Seed of Life Chart, Fruit of Life Chart and Tree of Life Chart. Each chart holds an infinite amount of healing potential, and when worked with, can result in extraordinary shifts in your life or those you are working with.

Pre-requisites: CCT Professional Level 2 (online or in-person). Follow the link CCT Level 3 Class.

Class for Creatives

Expressing Your Purpose

Are you highly creative but feel blocked in your expression? Do you yearn to dive deep into the wellspring of your creative purpose? Do you want to be in the flow of creating more easily? Then this is the energy protocol for you!
In a live webinar class, you’ll heal your creative energies, connect with your Purpose through a special meditation, and soul-direct your creative energies. Discover how your intuition and creativity help each other, and how it is easy to get past mental and emotional blocks when you are creating. Follow the link for a schedule of 2019 classes.

CCT Level 6

New Group Energies

Launch into using CCT Soul Charts in a whole new way!

Learn how to use the CCT Soul Charts and your Divination Decks specifically for groups. Learn to work with patterns, roles, perceptions, geometric configurations, and more!

2019 is the year of GROUPS, Master the next level with these amazing tools!