Benefits of Crystalline Consciousness Technique
ART of Energy Transformation – Modern Day MS
By Tori Wompey

It always feel amazing when Christine works her magic on the sessions of CCT.. It is an amazing treatment for anyone who wants to re-balance and recharge their own energy field and be more in touch with themselves….

I would ( and I do ) recommend her beautiful gift to anyone who needs energy work and continue to get in touch with their inner beauty. ~Marcus Elias

Christine has opened a new world of experiences for me and my beautiful horses. All of us have benifited from the personal, compassionate energy work she has done with us. Now, with Christine’s assistance, I’m learning to be able to have the power to set up my own energy fields to take care of myself. Thanks friend you rock! ~Kelly Del Margo

Christine, from my perspective, you are amazing. Your innate gifts, the clarity with which you discern life, your compassion and your intuitive use and application of the energetic tools you have gathered along the way, including CCT, is extraordinary. The shifts I have observed as a result of your work are extraordinary. Appreciating you, your work and the difference you are making. ~Laura Rath

I’ve had two sessions with Christine so far, looking forward to the next one! I’ve known Christine about 18 years however my sessions were very recent, completely blown away by her incredible intuition about what I needed! The “work” was very deep, very emotional… clearing the way for my continued mental and spiritual growth and path to greater health and happiness. Christine is the best, thank you! ~Wylee Post (A.K.A. “Y”)