What is ART of Transformation?

The ART of Energy Transformation is built on the protocol of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT™), which is an advanced healing modality that works with the three levels of transformation and the new earth energies. I provide individual healing/transformative coaching session for individuals, your groups, your businesses and your animals. These session can be done in person, over the phone or internet.  It is your choice.

There are three transformation patterns: Opening/Starters (do you come up with great ideas, but unable to start them?) Chaos/Creative (are you constantly creating new projects, but unable to complete them?) Mastery/Exceller (are you always helping others achieve their goals, but bored with you life?) Check out this class to help you heal your creative/business self: For Creatives.

As a Master Teacher of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™, I offer many classes for self-healing or becoming a CCT Practitioner or CCT Teacher (some of these classes offer continuing education credits).  You do not need to be in the medical or helping profession to learn the power of CCT™. I also provide individual healing or coaching session for you individually, for your groups (family, business or animals).

The Crystalline Family or Crystalline Animal Family classes teach parents to care for the their children (human or animal), supporting them energetically for their daily activities or medical procedures. Expressing Your Purpose offers a supportive container for artists, writers and all creative types. Link here for class For Creatives. It also supports those who have the western diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) by creating rivers banks for your energy to easy flow and manifest out into the world.  Check out my class schedule EYP.  If you are interested, I am happy to work with individually or your family now, so please, let’s start a dialog Contact Me!

Those not in the helping or healing profession can learn techniques for Self Healing (Self Healing Class).  There are more advanced classes to heal our their groups, our families, and even our animal families (Healing Others) CCT is easy to learn because it works with the sacred geometry structures of the natural world and the newly emerging crystalline energy system of the body.  CCT™ is appropriate for newcomers to energy healing as well as advanced practitioners of the healing arts.

Individuals or groups can receive healing sessions, in person, at our Lakewood office or through sessions on the phone/internet.  CCT™ is the answer for what ails you!

CCT™ is based on the science that everyone and every living system is energy, and that when energy and consciousness harmonize you can experience rapid and profound shifts in form. The possibilities are endless.

Are your groups somewhat chaotic? Do you work or live in a very stressful environment? Are you an artist looking for direction for your work or business? Are you a nurse or massage therapist in need of continuing education credits? Would you like to learn how to access your own healing potential? I can help!

Please contact me at Christine@ARTofEnergyTransformation.com. I will send you a free energy meditation!

I look forward to hearing from you!