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Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ (CCT™) is not “the way,” but a way that supports your way. It’s based on the natural rhythms of transformation that are already out in the world, along with sacred geometry, the building blocks of all life. 

For people who use CCT protocols to support their lifestyle choices, they have noticed that they master the techniques more quickly, stay centered in the essence of the practice, and most importantly access their own innate wisdom and knowing.

CCT is a unique system of energy for healing, transformation and manifesting. It is energy science, distinguishing CCT™ apart from other energy systems, in that, we are energy and CCT™ allows for conscious exploration and positive shifting. Everyone and every living system is energy; and that when energy and consciousness harmonize you can experience rapid and profound shifts. CCT™ places you in the realm of miracles.


Individual Sessions

Utilizing the three phases of transformation, and from a place of conscious intent, you are guided to release old patterns and invite new ones to live a life of Purpose along the path you are intended

  • In person in the office
  • Distance healing by phone/Skype is another way to work together. It allows us to work together no matter where you are on the planet
  • “Mini Session” are also available and very healing when time is limited and you need a tune-up. Only 15-20 mins.

Soul Charts

Six charts to support an individual, family or group in healing and manifesting life they want. I use a combination of one or more charts that are energetically determined by the individual/group and their intentions.

Group Healing

These sessions can be done in person with entire group or as an intention for an individual as part of the group.  I incorporate Soul charts and group healing for couple, families or businesses. It can be both fun and transformative.

Learn More

For a greater understanding of an actual CCT™ session, please read Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ … What is CCT? and check out suggested reading that supports the science behind CCT™. Also, try and actual mini-session online.

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ continues to evolve in exciting ways. Subscribe to my newsletter (Subscribe) and check out What’s New to keep up to date on all that is happening.

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